University of Maryland’s Carbon Neutral Plan

Student Government Association’s sustainability director Ori Gutin plans to help the University of Maryland become a completely clean power consumer and get out of the market for non-renewable energy. He plans to do this by 2020 and says that it will be essential progress and a big step towards the university’s aims to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050.

Additional to maintaining the campuses carbon-neutral status and by integrating technology that is more conservative, Office of Sustainability senior project manager Mark Stewart says that removing non-renewable power sources would be the only method to achieving this result. Stewart also states that the next step is to iron out all the details for this project, such as potential sources for all the clean energy, the potential costs, and how much of this power that would originate from the University System of Maryland. Students, faculty and alumni would also be sought out to assist with the project as it is examined by the sustainability office.