South Maryland Gas Basin Draws Texas Company’s Attention

A massive gas basin that sits underneath southern Maryland is drawing steep attention from the Shore Exploration company of Texas. This massive shale zone known as the Marcellus Shale Region has been shown to have as much as 1.064 trillion cubic feet of natural gas deposits that run from Maryland all the way to Virginia. The basin is so large that is stretches through two states and leases have been take out all over the area. However, drilling has not yet begun.

The interest in these basins is also sparking interest in smaller basins in the region. While some are considered too small to have a massive impact on the economy, as basins on the East Coast are getting more and more attention as exploration companies look for ways that they can increase their production.

However, local residents are considered that fracking will contaminate their drinking water and hurt the environment. While drilling hasn’t started, surely a battle over drilling is to come.