Maryland Solar Microgrid Project Underway


Standard Solar, a leader in the development and integration of solar power systems, have recently revealed that together with Solar Grid Storage they have completed construction on the solar microgrid project that has been housed at Konterra’s headquarters. The product features a grid-interactive power storage system with a 1,350 panel array that is designed to be the nation’s first full microgrid option that is commercially viable, and is believed by many to pioneer the future of renewable energy.

This system, housed at Konterra’s headquarters in Laurel, MD, boasts an output of 402kW and has been estimated to have produced around 20 percent of the buildings annual power. Other benefits of using this PV array include not only the ability to produce clean electricity, but also a backup emergency power source, a decrease in demand and peak cutting. According to research powerhouse Navigant Research, more than 1,300 gigawatts (GW) of energy generated via wind and solar are expected to become available in the next decade.