Maryland Residents Experiencing High Electricity Rates Due to Governor’s Green Vision

Maryland residents have experienced a 43 percent increase in energy prices since Governor O’Malley took office in 2007. The spike in energy bills is as a result of the expensive renewable energy sources that the governor strongly supports. Statistics show that Baltimore has the highest rate of increase in electricity within the region with 49 percent compared to 34 percent rate increase in other states.

The average residential electricity bill in Maryland is $125. However, despite receiving subsidies to offset the cost of electricity bills, many of the poorest residents are still struggling to maintain power in their homes and often face power shut offs.

Governor O’Malley is very passionate about the impact that renewable energy sources will have on the grid and has supported many green policies. As a result, he wants the state to receive 18 percent
of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.


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