Governor Vetos Bill To Resume Work on $200 Million Wind Energy Project

Work will soon resume on the $200 million Great Bay Wind Energy Center that had been at a standstill for some time now. This follows Maryland Governor’s vetoing of a bill that sought to delay the project. The reason cited for the bill was because of the project’s close proximity to a Naval Air station that tests the quietness of fighter jets with a radar system that is quite sensitive.

Governor O’Malley vetoed the bill saying that it was not necessary as the wind project is not a real threat to the Naval Air Station. The Department of Defense (DoD) has said that they have no problem with the wind energy project’s location as long as the turbines are not running while they are conducting their tests. An agreement has since been signed by Pioneer Green Energy to cease operations when the DoD is carrying out its tests.

Upon completion, the 150 mega-watt project will have the capacity to generate electricity to just about 50,000 Maryland homes.

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