Solar Gaines, Maryland-Based Renewable Energy Experts


Solar Gaines is a Maryland based company that installs, designs and sells solar panel systems. How they’re different from the rest of the market and many other providers is due to their certification through NABCEP, which is America’s sole renewable energy personnel certification course accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

According to Solar Gaines CEO, Tom Gaines, the significant growth of the company was mainly due to the industry growth since its initial launch in the 1980’s. He states that the company will gauge each client’s unique site and make a recommendation based on that, and also claims that installation of their solar energy systems will pay itself off in under just five years with an additional 20 percent ROI.

Solar Gaines offers consumers residential and commercial solutions with complete installation and hot water systems that are built for the purpose of environmental protection and cost-efficiency. Not only this but they will handle the whole package by filing all necessary paperwork with government sectors on the client’s behalf, as well as installing a complete computer-based dashboard for monitoring and controlling the system’s operation and output.


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